Hands on Training in Your Market

Did you know that FEAR of social settings & public speaking is ranked before FEAR of death? We all have common sales fears weather it is rejection of the sale, making that telemarketing call, asking for the business or just striking up that initial conversation at an event. No “FEAR” Selling™ uses classic sales steps that are proven to increase revenues. We provide the tools you need to be successful and help implement the process into your Sales Managers daily routine!

Your team will receive one day formal classroom style training using REAL target accounts. Our Sales Professionals review every step from having a Professional Sales Image to Resolving Client Objections. Your team will receive tools to help them be more successful in Feature & Benefit Selling and properly Evaluating Client Needs, to ensure there is no money left on the table!

Our Hotel Sales Consultants understand the importance of formal training and the need for the Sales Managers to understand HOW and WHY they need to implement these skills into their daily routing. After the one day formal training, each one of your team members receives a full day of hands on training focused on their market segment and their accounts. This helps your team understand the importance of using their sales skills and immediately increases your cash flow!